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Perhaps your home has begun feeling a little too small or cramped lately. Or maybe you simply need more space to accommodate a new hobby, a new home office or even a new member of the family. Whatever the reason you might need more living space, Extreme Reblocking has you covered. Our engineers have years of industry experience and are well equipped to help you build your dream home. We offer a wide selection of home extensions, ranging from simple over-structure extensions like increasing the size of your garage, to more complex single-storey and second-storey extensions to increase the size of your home.

To Extend or To Relocate

You’ve probably also wondered: why go through all the hassle of extending my current home when I can simply move to a bigger one? The answer is very straightforward – because of the numerous benefits that home extensions have over buying a new home.

First and foremost, a home extension is going to be much more affordable than buying a new, larger property. Additionally, when you opt for a home extension, not only are you able to take control of the direction of the project and ensure that every step is executed to your specifications, you’ll also indirectly increase the attractiveness and value of your home should you choose to lease it out or sell it in the future.

How We Can Help


If you’re interested in having your current home extended, feel free to schedule a free consultation with our dedicated team of engineers. We’ll start by drafting some plans based on your concept for your home extension for your approval. Once that’s done, we’ll begin applying for the necessary permits and approvals on your behalf, along with the actual construction of your new home extension. We’ll keep you updated on every single step of the process, up to the day where your new home extension is completed. It’s that simple!