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house reblocking melbourne

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Reblocking, also known as restumping, refers to the process whereby the stumps that serve as the foundation of your building are replaced. Reblocking is especially important if you live in or are considering buying an older building as these buildings tend to have been built with timber stumps that may have eroded with age. The gradual wear and tear of subfloor stumps can result in a multitude of problems for your building if not appropriately dealt with, including but not limited to the cracking of floor tiles and brickwork, uneven or slanting floors, and compromised structural integrity.

How it Works

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To reblock your building, our technicians will first survey the area to identify any potential danger areas and key support areas. Following that, your floorboards will be removed, and hydraulic jacks will be placed underneath to ensure that your building’s weight is well supported throughout the entire process. However, we can also do reblocking from underneath the house without needing to remove the floorboards (depending on the space there is underneath the house). New stumps will then be installed at strategic locations. Following that, the old, worn stumps will be removed and the floorboards will be replaced. Just like that, your building’s underlying support structures will be as good as new.