How to Know if You Need Reblocking

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It’s sometimes tough to know if you need to complete a project on your house or not. You want to know if it’s absolutely necessary, especially once you see the price tag attached. It can be a very easy decision at times – something that affects your day-to-day routines, where there’s no workaround. Other times it can be one of those projects that you put off for months and months. That can be just as detrimental and drive the cost up in the long term.

The Extreme Reblocking team is all too familiar with the range of projects that go on around your home. We’re the ones who help you from the ground up – literally – reinforcing the foundation of your home. This is one of those bodies of work that falls squarely in the category of: ‘make sure this gets done’.

But how do you know? What are the signs that say that your foundation is not good to go? If done well, a proper foundation should last decades if not generations, but it is easy to forget to monitor it and determine if proper maintenance is being completed.

Here are some of the warning signs that you should look out for:

Sloping Floors

Have a little fun and roll a ball back and forth across different rooms in your house. If it travels completely on its own, chances are good that there are some structural issues that need attending to. They may not be major, but it’s always good to check. If the ball stays stable, then you’re probably good, at least in that room.

Standing Water or Excess Moisture

Nobody likes this regardless, and it’s often a hard problem to find the root cause of. You’re searching for leaks and burst pipes when really, it can be found underneath your home. Both of these things can be dangerous long-term, causing mould and then creating health concerns for your household and guests. You can avoid this by having an expert survey your crawlspaces or basements to determine if there’s an easy fix.

Cracks in the Walls or Ceilings

Don’t fret, it’s likely that nothing is going to cave in on you any time soon. But this is certainly one of those that you don’t want to let sit – they’re not going to get any smaller. Anything larger than an eighth of a millimetre should encourage you to reach out to a team like ours to seek proper advice and determine the source. Similar to sloping floors, it might be nothing to worry about. But better safe than sorry. 

It can be stressful to worry about small elements of your home’s construction and design – especially when you don’t know how to tackle them. That’s where we come in. Give us a call or drop us a note and the Extreme Reblocking team will be happy to help.