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There are a lot of unique and cool things that we do at Extreme Reblocking, but one specific priority of ours that’s very important to us is information-sharing with our community. We say community because you’re not just customers, you become our friends and we hope that in return we become a team that you can trust. It’s very prevalent in the office, you notice more and more how passionate our teammates are about learning and thinking about not only the best ways to reinforce the foundation of your home but just make your home better in general. Why should that information only remain with us? The more the merrier, right? So, once a month, we’ll share our favourite articles, right here on the blog. Here are our choices from October:

Why Many Millennials Are Giving Up On Owning Their Own Home

This first one is interesting because it highlights one audience specifically – millennials. They demonstrate all sorts of different behaviours, but the ones that interest us the most have to do with buying homes. And a lot of them are giving up on them. This doesn’t just have to do with the pandemic. It’s a shift in the way that current and future generations are buying homes and this article has all of the information. Read the article here.

Could Video Games Inspire Our Real-Life Home Designs?

There is no question in any of our minds that technology will play a huge role in future innovations and also the current way that we do things. That includes video games. And surprisingly, that impacts the way that we design homes. Think about The Sims games. Remember those? PS – they’re still around. They actually probably inspired a lot of architects then and now. And now we have even more tools to determine what our dream homes can look like. Even beyond rendering, tools like this can help determine what the inside of your home looks like as well. Read more in this article.

6 Tips for Building on a Budget

We’d be remiss in any month if we didn’t include information around the cost of building your home, especially as that can be such a deterrent when you’re thinking about taking that next step. It’s important, it’s valuable and it should be exciting. Let’s take the complicated math out of it. There are so many conflicting articles and messages that you may run into if you start exploring the internet, but we really enjoyed this one. It’s up to date, it breaks things down by the area of your home, and it also looks at the expenses that you don’t assume you have to cover but certainly do. This is an interesting and engaging article that you’ll want to bookmark.

Buying a Home in Your 20s?

We mentioned millennials above, and we know that they’re also one of our key markets – especially those in their 20s. They work in a certain way, operate in a certain way, and buy in a certain way. According to this article, “More than 70% of Gen Z—that is, people born after 1997—want to buy a home at some point, according to Realtor.com® research. Of that demographic group, 43% plan to buy a home in the next five years—with 45% of them already saving for that dream home.” Learn more here.