What is Reblocking?

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What is Reblocking?

There are many elements to your home, its construction, its design, and its maintenance that you may not be fluent in. Nobody expects you to be, that’s why there are experts across different industries who can help you out with anything you can possibly think of. In fact, when work is done correctly, you shouldn’t even know that we were there at all. Conversely, if you try to do a project where you’re not well-versed, you may end up spending more time and more money than you anticipated initially. When you work with Extreme Reblocking, you can expect several things, and we’ll get into those in a future post right here on the blog. But we’re guessing first and foremost, you’re wondering – what is reblocking?

We’re glad that you asked. Your home is built on a foundation that needs to be reinforced underground so that it doesn’t go sliding down the hill every time there’s some sort of natural disaster. As you’ve seen, it happens far more than you think and more than we’d like. So as a company, we’ve spent a lot of time (more than 20 years actually) educating ourselves on the best ways to ensure that doesn’t happen – that your home is safe, secure and will be for years to come. Enter reblocking.

Reblocking, which can also be referred to as restumping, is the process where we replace the stumps under your home that serve as the foundation of your home. Many of our readers and customers live in older buildings, and as beautiful as they may be above ground, they were most likely built with timber stumps as the foundation. These erode over time, which can not only be costly but also dangerous. If you see signs like cracks in your floor tiles or any brickwork that you have as a part of the design of your home, any uneven or slanting floors (the trick here is to roll a marble from one end of the room to the other; if it rolls all by itself, it’s time to call us here at Extreme Reblocking), or moisture that you haven’t seen previously, chances are *possible* that you may have issues that require reblocking services.

Okay, okay, you say. We get it, we probably need to reinforce the foundation of our homes or our businesses. But how are you doing it? Well (and we’ll get into far more detail in future posts), first we send out a technician to your property, who can properly take a look at the different areas that might need support as well as those that could be a danger. Remember above when we said that these signs *might* mean foundation damage. We meant exactly that. It’s better to be safe than sorry, but your home may be just fine or just need a regular review by an expert. These are our favourite sorts of visits. If we determine that there’s work that needs to be done, we can help in two different ways. We either remove all your floorboards (sometimes one room, sometimes your whole home) and use hydraulic jacks so that everything is properly supported. Or if you have a crawl space below your home, there’s often no need to remove the floorboards. In go the new stumps, out come the old and back go the floorboards.